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About Us

We process 2,000 litres of donated breastmilk each year

The Northwest Human Milk Bank is the largest human milk bank in the UK, on average we process 2000 litres of donated breastmilk each year.  We can supply donor breastmilk anywhere in England and Wales and we aim to make safe, screened donor milk available to any baby that needs it regardless of the location of their birth.

How you can help…

Every year babies are born needing the expert support of Special Care Baby Units in hospitals. Research demonstrates that these sick and premature babies can have their chances of survival and long term development substantially improved if fed with breast milk. A recent ESPGHAN publication recommends the use of donor milk when mother’s own milk is not available.

Milk is available in the following size bottles complete with nutritional analysis:

  • 200ml
  • 100ml
  • 50ml

Milk is also available in 500ml or 1,000ml volume bags.

If you would like your baby to receive donor breast milk, please contact us and we will explain the process. Please note that we are an NHS service and all milk requests must be supported by a referral from a medical professional.