Receive Milk

If you would like your baby to receive donor breast milk, please contact us and we will explain the process.  Please note that we are an NHS service and all milk requests must be supported by a referral from a medical professional.

Our leaflet for recipient families includes lots of useful information including the benefits of donor milk, donor screening and testing and how donor milk is processed. Please click on the pictures below to view the leaflet full size or contact us if you would like a copy. Leaflets are also available for hospitals to distribute.

Leaflet page 2Donor Breastmilk Leaflet front page

The Research

NICE_Guidelines_PosterNational Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Donor breast milk banks, The operation of Donor breast milk bank services

“… research has consistently shown that breast milk is the best nourishment for babies and that it is highly beneficial to their health in the short, medium and long term. Women are recommended to breastfeed their baby exclusively for 6 months and continue to breastfeed after 6 months as part of a balanced diet… if after discussion with experienced staff, mother is unable to express sufficient milk or does not wish to express for a baby unable to feed at the breast, donor milk can be used. Donor breast milk banks provide donor milk for babies, including pre term babies and babies with growth restriction.”

Bliss_PosterThe Bliss Baby Charter Standards

Charter principle 6, Standard 6.3 Alternatives to maternal breast milk

“… the unit has access to donor breast milk for those preterm babies who would benefit from it and where a baby does not have access to their own mother’s expressed milk”

Poppy_PosterPoppy Project (Parents of premature babies project)

“.. availability of milk from human milk bank is important especially for families with twins and more babies,for mothers who are too ill to express or babies undergoing surgery and likely to feed expressed milk”